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Inch Series FASTITE® 2000™ Fasteners

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Twin Lead Helix Provides Starting Stability

Forward Extrusion With Diametrically Opposed Thread Engagement

Increased Core Diameter Approaching The Underside Of The Head Causes Additional Forward And Backward Extrusion Providing Increased Thread Engagement

The Solution For Thin Sheet Metal Applications

Over the last several years, industry has improved assembly processes and reduced the size and weight of components made from thin sheet metal and fasteners used to join these components. As a result, 0.5mm thick sheet metal is not an uncommon thickness for a typical assembly. Yet today's assembly solutions are limited and often poorly designed for both joint performance and overall cost efficiency. FASTITE® 2000™ thread forming screws were developed to create strong mechanical joints with excellent thread engagement into untapped thin sheets, while providing the "LOWER IN-PLACE COST SAVINGS" associated with TRILOBULAR™ thread forming screws. FASTITE® 2000™ screws result in a cost-effective joint with increased failure torque and resistance to stripping, when compared to other fastener types and assemblies.

Performance Features

  1. Tapered thread root adjacent to the screw head to maintain major thread diameter close to the head.
  2. Undercut feature to increase assembly failure torque.
  3. Radius Profile™ thread design combined with the twin-lead helix angle to provide a mating thread system whereby diametrically opposed threads are engaged.
  4. Non cut-off "CA" style point for extruding in small holes.
  5. TRILOBULAR™ screw thread body to provide "resistance to loosening".



Items  Request Information

  Item # Screw Size Max. C Dimension Min. C Dimension Max. D Dimension Min. D Dimension Max. Point Cp
item-1043 2-56 in 0.0880 in 0.0840 in 0.0862 in 0.0818 in 0.040 in
item-1044 3-48 in 0.1010 in 0.0970 in 0.0989 in 0.0944 in 0.045 in
item-1045 4-40 in 0.1138 in 0.1098 in 0.1113 in 0.1067 in 0.047 in
item-1046 5-40 in 0.1268 in 0.1228 in 0.1243 in 0.1197 in 0.060 in
item-1047 6-32 in 0.1413 in 0.1353 in 0.1382 in 0.1314 in 0.057 in
item-1048 8-32 in 0.1674 in 0.1614 in 0.1643 in 0.1575 in 0.083 in
item-1049 10-24 in 0.1934 in 0.1874 in 0.1892 in 0.1822 in 0.082 in
item-1050 10-32 in 0.1936 in 0.1876 in 0.1905 in 0.1837 in 0.109 in
item-1051 12-24 in 0.2194 in 0.2134 in 0.2152 in 0.2082 in 0.108 in
item-1052 1/4-20 in 0.2534 in 0.2474 in 0.2484 in 0.2411 in 0.120 in

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