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Item # item-1014, Metric Series POWERLOK® Fasteners

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POWERLOK® TRILOBULAR™ All Metal Locking Fasteners Solve Assembly Difficulties and Reduce Your In-Place Fastening Costs

POWERLOK® Geometry

Thread Profile:
The innovative Dual-Angle™ thread form provides "live-action" locking.
The spring action of the thread tip creates classic "stored energy" locking.
Interferes in the root of the nut thread. Locking is not affected by an incomplete internal thread form.

Capitalizes on elastic memory of nut member.
Further prevents vibrational loosening by providing additional locking action.
Reduces friction during installation.

POWERLOK® Advantages

  • No need for patches, adhesives or assembly line applied locking compounds.
  • Locking action is over the entire length of the screw thread.
  • Locking action is not affected by temperature.
  • No curing time-instantaneous locking action.
  • No need for under head locking elements.
  • No need for costly lock washers.
  • Works with all finishes.
  • Easily hand started.
Common sizes listed, other sizes available.



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Screw Size M2.0 x 0.40 mm
Max. C Dimension 2.15 mm
Min. C Dimension 2.05 mm
Max. D Dimension 2.07 mm
Min. D Dimension 1.97 mm
Max. Point Cp 2.0 mm


Locking action at thread periphery provides optimum holding power, even without seating of the head. Easy starting by hand and easy driving. Exceeds IFI locking standards. Extreme resistance to vibrational loosening.


All pre-tapped metal nuts, die castings and punch extruded assemblies where reliable, self-locking fasteners are required under conditions of severe vibration or high clamp load.