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Item # item-1202, Metric Series EXTRUDE-TITE® Fasteners

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  • Designed to resolve the fastening problems of ‘stripping' and ‘spin-out' in THIN SHEET METAL as is often found when using standard round-bodied sheet metal screws
  • Increased torque performance in thin sheet metal applications
  • Low end loads
  • EXTRUDE-TITE® screws tend to drive straight
  • Employs TRILOBULAR™ technology in the joint
  • Electrical grounding assured by the intimate contact of the roll-formed threads
  • Reduces costs by allowing thinner, lighter materials in the assembly
  • Reduces costs by reducing or eliminating repairs due to ‘stripping', ‘spin-outs', and off-angled entry of fastener on the assembly line
  • Reduces costs by eliminating cleanup of chips, oil and debris caused by tapping operations
  • Reduces costs by simplifying assembly - fewer components
  • Reduces costs by simplifying assembly equipment



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Screw Size M8.0 x 1.25 mm
Max. C Dimension 8.13 mm
Min. C Dimension 7.97 mm
Max. D Dimension 8.01 mm
Min. D Dimension 7.85 mm
Max. Point Cp 3.64 mm
Max. Point Lp 6.88 mm

Length Tolerances

Lengths up to and including 25mm ±0.8mm
Lengths greater than 25mm ±1.3mm


Low starting torque and initial end load, desirable features with large diameter fasteners, are provided by a second thread forming taper and by the TAPTITE II® step in the point. Vibration resistant.


For extremely rapid hole finding; for applications with floating nut members; where clearance and pilot holes are initially out of line; or where a sheet of material (gasket, carpet) must be pierced.