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Phillips Square-Driv® System

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The multifaceted drive system for multinational industries.

Lock in your "drivers" worldwide with Phillips Square-Driv®.

Revolutionizing fastener drive technology bit by bit. Continuous improvement. It's the key to "Total Quality Concepts." But quality is not limited to manufacturing. Quality of design is also crucial especially for fastener drive systems used for high-speed mass production of fastener-held assemblies.

Introducing the Phillips Square-Driv® "multinational recess." Designed to meet the demanding needs of Manufacturing Engineers worldwide, the innovative Phillips Square-Driv® fastener drive system design combines the classic Phillips cross recess and the popular square recess. The result: a highly efficient and functional "mutli-driver serviceable recess."

  • Square Drive, Phillips, ACR® Phillips II® and Pozidriv® cross-recessed driver bits can also drive Phillips Square-Driv® fasteners. The system's unique recess allows you to reduce the number of drivers for the popular range of fasteners to just 3 driver sizes. (Eight are required for the hex lobular style of recess.) Fewer required drivers reduce operator error and confusion.
  • A larger cross-section means greater strength. The Phillips Square-Driv® system's increased driver bit cross-section significantly increases the longevity of the driver bit, reducing overall tooling costs.
  • Combination square/cross-recessed design with anti-camout ribs (ACR) enhances driver bit torque capability. Fasteners can be controlled to higher torque levels for optimum clamp loads without driver bit fatigue failures that can damage components and operators alike.
  • User friendly "On-line Stick Fit" design improves operator control. The typically demanding operator guidance of drill screws or thread forming screws during assembly is now far easier and safer. With the Phillips Square-Driv® system's enhanced "On-line Stick Fit" of the driver into the screw. The patented ACR® feature ensures that minimal end loads are required to keep the driver engaged in the recess.
  • "On-line Stick Fit" design also ensures alignment during the screw driving operation. Precise axial alignment reduces driver "gun runs" when the screw point won't remain on-line or the driver cams out of the recess which often results in costly component damage and operator injuries.

    All for one or one for all! The innovative Phillips Square-Driv® fastener drive system is the smart, economical choice for multinational companies. It allows one system of drive recess for all countries of manufacture with a choice of the following drivers for servicing in worldwide markets:
  • Phillips Square-Driv®
  • Phillips®
  • ACR® Phillips II®