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Metric Series TAPTITE II® Screws and Bolts

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TAPTITE II® Thread Rolling Screws

TAPTITE II® thread rolling screws have the TRILOBULAR™ shape which reduces friction during thread forming, provides prevailing torque which exceeds the level of locking screws, and most importantly, inherently provides resistance to vibrational loosening.

To utilize the in-place cost savings and performance benefits of TAPTITE II® screws in large sizes in structural applications, the combination of CORFLEX®-I selective hardening is highly beneficial. CORFLEX®- I TAPTITE II® bolts can be used where high-strength grade-strength level bolts are required.

Reduced In-Place Cost!!

TAPTITE II® thread rolling screws reduce in-place fastener costs and provide vibration resistant assemblies. TAPTITE II® thread rolling screws are used to create strong, uniform load carrying internal threads into untapped nut members upon installation. When REMINC developed the original TAPTITE® TRILOBULAR™ shape thread rolling screw, it revolutionized the use of threaded fasteners in high production assembly. Assembly efficiency and joint performance, along with lower in-place fastening cost, have been the benefits of using TAPTITE® screws. TAPTITE II® screws and bolts continue these benefits along with meeting the quality and performance needs of the future.

Lower In-Place Fastening Costs

Only 15% of the total in-place cost of a fastening is the cost of the screw or bolt. TAPTITE II® screws and bolts lower the cost of the remaining 85%. The following is a list of some of the cost-savings advantages of using TAPTITE II® thread rolling screws.

  • Elimination of separate tapping operations and associated costs.
  • Built-in resistance to vibrational loosening eliminates the need for lock washers, adhesives, or plastic patches and plugs.
  • Generates stronger mating threads with uninterrupted grain flow due to work hardening of the nut for higher stripping resistance.
  • Accepts larger pilot hole variations than drilled and tapped holes.
  • Works in punched, drilled, cored and extruded holes in many different metals.
  • With use of CORFLEX® metallurgy, can be provided in grade strengths of high tensile bolts for use in structural applications in deep thread lengths of engagement.
  • No assembly line cross threading.
  • Prevailing torque often equals or exceeds locking screw standards.



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  Item # Screw Size Max. C Dimension Min. C Dimension Max. D Dimension Min. D Dimension Max. Point Cp
item-1132 M2.0 x 0.40 mm 2.06 mm 1.98 mm 1.98 mm 1.90 mm 1.67 mm
item-1133 M2.5 x 0.45 mm 2.57 mm 2.48 mm 2.48 mm 2.39 mm 2.13 mm
item-1134 M3.0 x 0.50 mm 3.07 mm 2.98 mm 2.97 mm 2.88 mm 2.58 mm
item-1135 M3.5 x 0.60 mm 3.58 mm 3.48 mm 3.46 mm 3.36 mm 3.00 mm
item-1136 M4.0 x 0.70 mm 4.08 mm 3.98 mm 3.94 mm 3.84 mm 3.40 mm
item-1137 M4.5 x 0.75 mm 4.59 mm 4.48 mm 4.44 mm 4.33 mm 3.85 mm
item-1138 M5.0 x 0.80 mm 5.09 mm 4.98 mm 4.93 mm 4.82 mm 4.31 mm
item-1139 M6.0 x 1.00 mm 6.10 mm 5.97 mm 5.90 mm 5.77 mm 5.13 mm
item-1140 M7.0 x 1.00 mm 7.10 mm 6.97 mm 6.90 mm 6.77 mm 6.13 mm
item-1141 M8.0 x 1.25 mm 8.13 mm 7.97 mm 7.88 mm 7.72 mm 6.91 mm
item-1142 M10 x 1.50 mm 10.15 mm 9.97 mm 9.85 mm 9.67 mm 8.69 mm
item-1143 M12 x 1.75 mm 12.18 mm 11.97 mm 11.83 mm 11.62 mm 10.47 mm

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